Barbizon has been helping young men and women mature into well-adjusted, responsible, and successful adults since 1939.  Barbizon graduates are given the tools to help them sail through life, with careers from model to medicine, engineer to editor, accountant to actor, painter to, eventually, parents themselves.

Through the years, Barbizon's aim has been to develop and nurture each student to reach his or her highest potential.  We believe that learning to walk with pride, dress with style, and speak with authority are important to self-assurance and community values.  While we are a world-famous modeling school, not everyone attends Barbizon with the goal of becoming a full-time model.  So while we train young people to pose, walk the runway, and appear on television, we also promote good health and nutrition, etiquette, posture, and job interview techniques.

Think of how much the world has changed since 1939.  Through it all, Barbizon has been there, and that rich tradition continues today.

Why Barbizon NYC?

  • Flagship Location of the Top Modeling/Acting School
  • In the Top Market in the World (Location, Location, Location)
  • The Only Business Licensed by NYS Ed. Dept. for Model Training
  • Very Active, in-House, on-Site Placement Division
  • Free Photo Shoot & Photo Included
  • Impeccable Better Business Bureau Report

There's a reason why hundreds of thousands of graduates have walked the runway at Barbizon; simply, we're the best when it comes to helping you bring out your best. So whether your dream is modeling, acting, another area of the industry, or even to rule the boardroom, Barbizon's a great place to start!

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"Barbizon modeling has opened so many doors and inspired me to apply for college. At first I thought someone like me could not even consider college because no one in my family has gone to college or graduated high school, but Barbizon gave me the confidence to apply myself to every opportunity." -Natalie, Barbizon Student